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      Noble Metals Catalysts

      • Platinum Pt/C catalyst
        Platinum Pt/C catalyst
        Raw Materials:
        Capacity: 100000 KG/Year
        Max feeding size:
        Application: chemical/pharmaceutical intermediate, food additves, perfumes, pesticides, cosmetics etc.
        Shipping Ports: Shanghai, Changsha, Guangzhou
        Delivery: within 7 days for quantity below 1 ton
      • Palladium Pd/C Catalyst
        Palladium Pd/C Catalyst
        Raw Materials: Pd Catalyst
        Capacity: 20 TONS PER YEAR
        Max feeding size:
        Shipping Ports: SHANGHAI, CHANGSHA
        Delivery: WITHIN 7 DAYS


      With more than 20 years old professional experience in catalyst, we dedicate ourselves to creat wealth for you! You can contact us online or send e-mail to minstrong@minstrongchina.com to order Minstrong products.