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      VOC Destruction Removal Catalyst

      Raw materials: manganese dioxide MnO2, copper oxide CuO
      Capacity: 2000 Tons Per Year
      Application: remove VOC volatile organic compounds
      Shipping ports: Guangzhou, Shanghai or other ports as request
      Delivery: based on VOC Catalyst order quantity


      Minstrong VOC destruction catalyst filter is a catalyst made up of a certain proportion of active manganese dioxide and copper oxide.

      It can destroy VOC and purify gas. 

      It has the characteristics of low cost and high catalytic performance, widely used in waste water treatment and gas purifying filter. 


      1)  High catalytic performance

      2)  Low cost with competitive price

      3)  Annual output: 20000MT

      4)  Professional technical, engineering services and exporting service

      5)  Pellet Columnar type, granular type and powder type for different application

      6)  VOC volatile organic compounds destruction catalyst technical data and specification can be customized


      Minstrong Technology Co., Limited supplys high quality VOC volatile organic compounds destruction catalyst with competition price


      Minstrong VOC Destruction Catalyst Technical Data

      Mn and Cu Mole Ratio

      2.2:1 – 3:1 based on application

      Mn and Cu Effective Constituent

      80% min

      Surface Area

      180 /g min


      18-20  N/cm


      3% max


      Powder, Columnar Pellet, Granular Particle Size

      Note: technical data above is regular VOC catalyst, higher technical data can be customized.



      Please enter your demand such as?Product Type,?Application and other technical request. Tell us your application, we can also give you advices to select a suitable product for your needs. To become our quality clients will have access to a 2%-10% discount of contract!